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It's hard for many people to see wood for a tree when it comes to 9/11. So much horror, so much information, so many conspiracy theories, so much fear by those who do not want to be seen to buy the theory, or even look at the evidence presented if they are seen as "traitors" and nyu palladium pool we all know that the famous Bushwellian commentary has been drilled into the American psyche, until that point is as affective as the national lobotomy; '' You are either with us or with the terrorists ''.

one lot of room to move or make a knowledgeable opinion right? So, with all the fears and paranoia seen as '' traitors '' or even '' terrorists '' by Taser carrying Home Land Security, most prefer to ignore the evidence. Muslims go hand in hand with terrorism, Jews go hand in hand with Israel, or not? Much has been said about the use of the term '' Jewish '' relating to the madrona insurance article about Mr. Laurence Silverstein, the multi-billionaire owner of the 99-year lease for the second largest ever crime scene of the World Trade Center. (The first is Auschwitz- Birkenau) Some even say using the term 'Jewish' in its context, somehow anti-Semitic! But why do people become less sensitive when the term "Muslim" is used whenever it talks about "terrorists"?

But in all justice to be clear, one must be specific and include 'Islamic fundamentalists' for Muslims in the case of Jihadists and Zionists for Jews or others, who intend on total Palestinian control and ethnic cleansing of those lands of the Palestinian people. However, one can not really become a Jihadist except a Muslim but one can become a Zionist without having to become a Jew. But chances are, if you are a very rich American Jew, you are most likely a Zionist. But one needs to remember the Zionist plan to monopolize the sacred ground only part of the Endgame to the One World Government controlled by the Bankster elite, under the pretext that the Jews are the elect and the Palestinian or Israeli, as the Zionists like to call it, exclusively is home to the lost tribe of Israel, the photography website Jewish people. I must add here, before I return to the core of this comment about Laurence Silverstein and the gang, that Jews and Muslims have lived peacefully for hundreds of years before the Zionist plan of dominating Palestine and endless propaganda created to create hatred between the two. society is just that, propaganda. But what is the purpose of this propaganda? What is the purpose? and how does one plan the end of the New Order with the full support of the western world?

Let's start by looking at the hypothesis, for example; how can one take over the civilian power of the people in the west without resistance? Even better, in a way in which the public actually surrenders power voluntarily? To begin with, if I were the puppeteer and puppet of 'Endgame' I would imagine we need a scapegoat and there is nothing better than the Muslims, because they have so much to offer. After all, it's mainly in Arab land where the greatest wealth and largest source of petroleum resources lie, plus the largest poppy fields. So we have decided that Muslim Arabs are the initial candidates for the scapegoat. Then we need to make everyone suspicious and hate the Muslim scapegoat, not just foolish fundamentalist Muslims who truly believe that after they blow themselves up and innocent people, they will spend the rest of the time in heaven to drink honey from the split. singing virgins. No, for a plan like this to work, we have to hate all Muslims, men and women. We can take some great tips from Hitler; He did exactly this when he made scapegoats from Jews and Gypsies. A good start is to lock them in a large concentration camp, we can do it in Gaza and starve and leave them without sanitary conditions, no clean water, no jobs, no freedom, nothing! And we do not let them out unless we say so.

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